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4 October , 2014


PULSE at The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow, October 3rd 2014.


A great evenings entertainment, with FOUR artists/bands for a mere 10 quid! Sadly under-attended though (what’s wrong with you people?) maybe it was the miserable weather.

Mathew Collings

Matthew Collings

First up was Matthew Collings, who did a solid and noisy set

Next to go was a fabulous set by Gazelle Twin, who looked really spooky in her hoodie and mask like some sort of “inner city kid” Dr Who monster! Kinda creepy but cool with it! ;)

Gazelle Twin

Closely followed with an amazing set by Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud which was loud, noisy and beatsy (I was expecting something in a more ambient vein!)


Headlining the night were the brilliant Wrangler , headed by ex-Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder, also a great big beat driven and noisy set – and lots of flashing images and green  LASERS!





29 March , 2014

Only slightly late ….

Hello again!

I’m back after some hideous technical woes over the past couple of months, so ***should*** be posting more regularly again – huzzah!

… anyways I haven’t told you about the brilliaint gig by The Psychogeographical Commission, SECURITY and aistob on 8th February 2014 at The Old Hairdressers, GLASGOW, UK.

First up were aistob, who were a machinist/computer operator (Gordon?) & chanteuse (?) who did a rather excellent version of Bauhaus‘s Bela Lugosi’s Dead



Next up were the wonderful SECURITY (Joe Ahmed & P6) with their DEBUT gig!!!


and very wonderful it was too – as you can see below (only one slight technical hitch all night as well!)


(this track and more wonderfulness from their Bandcamp page – click on image or link above)

Hopefully more gigs in more places soon – watch this and other spaces!

Headlining the night were The Psychogeographical Commision performing the rather scary “Jack The Ripper” live for the last time. A sort of live soundtrack to imagery from 3(?) “Ripper” films.

Andy (with weird electronic thing) and Stuart (guitar/effects) of Psychomm

Unfortunately the projection/lighting wasn’t too great so no video – ***BUT*** you can get a DVD from them sometime soon from their website (click the images/link above)

more soon….. ;)

21 May , 2013

Chris & Cosey – Walking thru Heaven

Slightly delayed post due to hideous tech problems but here goes….

Well I had a fab’n’groovy time down in London for Carter Tutti play Chris & Cosey, Live in Heaven, not only a great gig but catching up with loads of people from Twitterland and meeting some I’d never met before too!

Err… Excepter couldn’t make it due to unforseen problems and was replaced by Powell, who I missed but apparently it was a DJ set only. Next up was Mika Vainio (ex Pan Sonic) who did a full body internal organ massage (but then again I was standing next to the bass bin!) Short clip below…

… but of course I was there to see Chris & Cosey who played an excellent set as usual, altho still a rare thing! Short video of Workout below, I believe the whole performance was being filmed so look out for a more professional release in the (near?) future. BTW turn the volume up on both these videos, I was a dumb-ass and forgot my microphone! 8(

Mika Vainio

Charlie & Chris

Charlie & Chris – checking SOUNDZ

More musicians than you could shake a stick at!

(Left-to-right – Uschi No Michi, Laica, Fabrice, P6, Joe Ahmed)

…and part of the fun too was catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones thru the wonderful medium of twitter, catching up with P6 & Joe from Security , Fabrice all the way from sunny Belgium , Stuart & Andy from the Psychogeographical Commision , Terry ‘Millemetre’ McGaughey who was on the merch stand, Charles ‘Charlie Chicken’ Poulet who was the sound man for the night, and especially meeting new friends, Uschi-No-Michi & Rich, GrahamCybernoise‘ Needham and last but most certainly not least the wonderful Laica Thank you all for a wonderful day!

Some useful links:

Chris & Cosey/ Carter Tutti (with links to new single ‘Coolicon‘ vinyl & DL): http://www.cartertutti.com/

Laica bandcamp: http://laica.bandcamp.com/

Uschi-No-Michi (new 7″ single & DL) ‘Ameratsu‘ : http://phaticmusk.bandcamp.com/album/ameratsu

Millimetere (new cassette release) ‘Sex Dreams of the I Ching‘ : http://www.tapeworm.org.uk/ttw52.html

The Psychogeographical Commission bandcamp: http://psychcomm.bandcamp.com/

Security (new cassette release) ‘Security-1‘ : http://security.bandcamp.com/album/security-1

Fabrice (AKM) Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/arschkrankemusik

Charles Poulet Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/charles-p

… and anyone else I’ve forgotten! O_o

15 June , 2012

Mark Stewart

Bit late blogging this but been quite busy! Anyways, went to see Mark Stewart on Monday at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh and as I’m really sad and always turn up for the ‘doors open’ time I was early and bumped into Mr Stewart himself outside! So managed to have a chat with him and he invited me in to watch the soundcheck and offered me a beer! What a guy! :D

Gang War!

Anyways, got inside and had the privelidge of being an audience of one for Gang War from the excellent The Politics of Envy album! And the soundman was none other than Throbbing Gristle‘s live sound guru Charles Poulet! who I also managed to have a chat to. Was really great catching up with him and quite unexpected!

So a couple of videos from the gig both from the new album the tracks Autonomia and Stereotype apologies for the video quality but it was quite dark and Mark asked for the lights to be turned down after the 1st song!

9 May , 2012


…been a while since I’ve been to a gig, and wasn’t feeling too great and the Glasgow weather was miserable! 8(

But I’d been looking forward to this gig for a while, altho thru ‘The Arches‘ sorta promo wise it was held at the Berkeley Suite which is quite small and intimate and even has nice decor!

Support was from Tonstartssbandht who are an Amerikan duo playing guitar and drums with vocals, but weren’t really ‘my thing‘.

However Miss Boucher was on fine form and seemed to enjoy herself although the set was only about 30-40mins long which was a bit disappointing but hey….

A clip of Grimes performing the excellent Genesis below:

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