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17 September , 2014

Demdike Stare

… and another late one! This time an excellent night – Friday the 13th of June 2014 by Demdike Stare at Edinburgh’s Mash House (which has been called numerous things over the years!) Short excerpt below:


8 May , 2014

Fuck Buttons


Just remembered in time to get a ticket for this – on the same day as the gig!!!

The support band were fucking awful – three people playing in a different key, tempo/beat and badly mixed to boot don’t know what they were called – don’t want to! But…

Fuck Buttons were amazing & very, VERY LOUD!!!




Unfortunately I snapped my video camera charger cable so had to use my stills camera instead, but it’s not too bad if a little dodgy on the sound 8-/



15 June , 2012

Mark Stewart

Bit late blogging this but been quite busy! Anyways, went to see Mark Stewart on Monday at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh and as I’m really sad and always turn up for the ‘doors open’ time I was early and bumped into Mr Stewart himself outside! So managed to have a chat with him and he invited me in to watch the soundcheck and offered me a beer! What a guy! :D

Gang War!

Anyways, got inside and had the privelidge of being an audience of one for Gang War from the excellent The Politics of Envy album! And the soundman was none other than Throbbing Gristle‘s live sound guru Charles Poulet! who I also managed to have a chat to. Was really great catching up with him and quite unexpected!

So a couple of videos from the gig both from the new album the tracks Autonomia and Stereotype apologies for the video quality but it was quite dark and Mark asked for the lights to be turned down after the 1st song!

18 November , 2011

Positively squidgy!

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SOFT by dil23
SOFT, a photo by dil23 on Flickr.

6 November , 2011

Kill your idols

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Kill your idols by dil23
Kill your idols, a photo by dil23 on Flickr.
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