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14 October , 2010

Oxjam Edinburgh 13-10-2010

October is Oxjam time – so I went to one of the Edinburgh events hosted at Cabaret Voltaire.

It was busy, there were three bands and Dirty Modern Hero were first up….


followed by the wonderful Epic26 who really got the audience going with Shotgun as you can see here….


…and headlining the night was The OK Social Club here’s She said, You said ….


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10 September , 2010

SAC & Hopwood and Black

Hopwood & Black

Went to see the fabulous Super Adventure Club on Tuesday, and first person I bumped into was a friend’s little sister who was in the support act who were Hopwood & Black (being Lyndsey Black) As I only took my stills camera the video isn’t HD but….hey…

World On The Take

Next up were a rather good French band Luis Francesco Arena doing a couple of support slots for SAC while on tour of the UK, unfortunately I didn’t have enough space on my camera for a vid of them.

Luis Francesco Arena

And of course, headlining were Super Adventure Club who were their usual quirky, mad, intense selves!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

… and played a new set with a new song too :) which by sheer chance was the one song I videoed too! I’ve absolutely no idea what it’s called tho’ – maybe ‘Exclooooseeeve’ ????

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28 August , 2010


I really like this song and vid by Celine and the Nite Wreckage which is Dave Ball & Richard Norris‘ new project which features Celine Hispiche on vocals, and was filmed on four mobile phones!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bill Drummond Interview

An edited version of the interview with BBC6 Music’s ‘The First Time with ….’ Bill Drummond! Where he talks everything music from his childhood to the present day inc managing Echo & the Bunnymen & The Teardrop Explodes, thru performing with The KLF, burning a million quid, the 17 project and more…

I have edited out all the music and it’s in two parts here’s Part One….and now Part Two :-)

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27 August , 2010

Epic26 & A Band Called Quinn

….err and May68 a bit less on them later!

So over to Weedgieland at King Tut’s for this gig, A Band Called Quinn were first up which seemed to catch a few people out :-( but they played a good, if short set despite Louise suffering from a cold too! BTW you can get their new album The Beggars Opera here in all formats! And here’s a vid of DIY ,the sound is a bit low for some reason :-(

Next up were Epic26 which was the second time I’ve seen them in as many weeks! And very good they were too. Here’s a vid of what they described as a new song so I’ve no idea what it’s really called – but it is really good! :)

…and the bit less about May68 – sorry guys but I had to go for the last train home :-( – maybe next time?

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