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12 April , 2014

Akm … remixed by.. here now!

Yes another late post! 

For the rather wonderful remix album of the Mmii ep by AKM (aka @fabi_wabi ) on French label Tsuku Boschi Records which not only features a remix by me but TWO by P6 !!! and a host of others too! …. have a listen and buy below :-)

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Tsuku Boshi Records

AKM remixed by Kania Tieffer, P6, Aymeric de Tapol, Hoog, Random Seq, Dil23, Yamori Kota, Untitled, Mokuhen, Voice to Skull

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21 August , 2013

Straight from the Stick

Yay! Got the ultra rare version of “Straight from the Dick” – “Straight from the Stick“! by Super Adventure Club on Armellodie Records – which is a customised drumstick with a download code (never advertised and sold out now so don’t even try!) of the new album to be released in November 2013.

Some piccies and a taster video of ‘Dog with Two Dicks’ from the album below :)

23 March , 2013

Carter Tutti – Harmonic Coaction 6

Carter Tutti performed Harmonic Coaction 6 the latest in the series of their site specific performances including field recordings and footage pertaining to the location of the performance. This gig was part of the University of Salford‘s Sonic Fusion 2013 festival.


The evening started with a screening of Mark Leckey‘s – Fiorucci made me Hardcore which I hadn’t realised is actually part of the University of Salford’s collection, full video below.

Holly Herndon fresh from San Fransisco, USA was the support act, I highly recommend you check her out live or indeed on vinyl, digital – whatever! Short clip from the show below.

And finally Carter Tutti performed Harmonic Coaction 6 – the UK premier for their Harmonic Coaction series of performances, a unique set inspired by the Salford location but with heavily manipulated audio and visual (projected onto a massive screen behind them). Two short clips below.

excerpt #1

28 October , 2012

Desertshore / The Final Report

After a 6 year gestation period ‘Desertshore/The Final Report‘ is about to be born! 26 November 2012 in CD/Vinyl/Digital available for pre-order here, and here, and probably available from any good record shop/website thereafter! … and promises of a very special edition too!


Here’s some tasters….. :)

##### GO BUY IT! #####

30 September , 2012

Marconi’s Shipwreck

… been busy sorry! :)

But got the fabulous new DVD Marconi’s Shipwreck by erstlaub (aka David Fyans) the other day. I recommend you do too!

You get a free piece of X-Ray(?) film and an audio download too! 

Much more information and reviews over on the Broken20 site here

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