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15 July , 2013


Got my copy (#13 of 30) of Laica‘s Puls cassette release and very nice it is too! (see pic below).

It’s a ‘Thingle’ or a ‘SinBum’ – no-one’s quite sure even Laica!

Released on the Rano record label, but the cassettes are now sold out, in fact I think they were sold out before they were actually released!!! You can however get the download in any format you want mp3, ogg, flac etc etc on BandCamp for a mere 3 Great British quids

Check it out !


28 June , 2013

Cassette Madness

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Cassette Madness by Dil23 on Mixcloud

Strange cassette of a Leeds Student Radio programme that went out at 2-5am sometime in the late 80’s/early 90’s – utterly mad. Recorded & broadcast by Stream (no doubt out of date) contact details on accompanying photo.

16 June , 2013


Music to listen to in the dark.

Ambi-dustrial by Dil23 on Mixcloud

1 CTI Credit Sequence – Chris and Cosey
2 Prey/Predator – Non feat Coil
3 Chaos:Atlantis – Not Breathing
4 Black Room – Andrew Liles
5 Love Mites – CoH
6 Unmarked Reel Two, Track One – Pye Corner Audio
7 Please let me back into your house – Ship Canal
8 Mist While Sleeping – Cosey Fanni Tutti/Philippe Petite
9 Black Sun- Demdike Stare
10 Karen (Remix) – Chew Lips (Young Hunting Remix)
11 Pulsewidth – Aphex Twin
12 Haz Chem (beta3) – CCCL
13 Aerophilia – Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
14 Jodrell Bank – Nocturnal Emissions
15 the village at reat (insomniac remix) – uncertain (DIL23 Remix)
16 North I – PTV3
17 London-Edinburgh – Norman McCaig
18 Chant Premier – Vagina Dentata Organ

14 November , 2012

Bug Trap EP

My first ever solo release is exclusively released on the wonderful pathmusick netlabel.

It’s a two track single called Bug Trap and includes excellent remixes by Laica & apkallu of enmerkar

and is backed with an older track Sparkle too! All downloadable – and absolutely free – there’s even a pdf cover for it!

Get it here!

1 September , 2012

Halloween REMIXED

…it’s a bit early but ….

The Implicit Order has released Halloween REMIXED so you can scare young children or keep those pesky ‘Trick or Treater’s’ from your door by playing it at high volume on the 31st October! It’s a *** FREE *** download in whatever format takes your fancy!

… oh and I did one of the remixes! ;)



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