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12 April , 2014

Akm … remixed by.. here now!

Yes another late post! 

For the rather wonderful remix album of the Mmii ep by AKM (aka @fabi_wabi ) on French label Tsuku Boschi Records which not only features a remix by me but TWO by P6 !!! and a host of others too! …. have a listen and buy below :-)

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Tsuku Boshi Records

AKM remixed by Kania Tieffer, P6, Aymeric de Tapol, Hoog, Random Seq, Dil23, Yamori Kota, Untitled, Mokuhen, Voice to Skull

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16 June , 2013


Music to listen to in the dark.

Ambi-dustrial by Dil23 on Mixcloud

1 CTI Credit Sequence – Chris and Cosey
2 Prey/Predator – Non feat Coil
3 Chaos:Atlantis – Not Breathing
4 Black Room – Andrew Liles
5 Love Mites – CoH
6 Unmarked Reel Two, Track One – Pye Corner Audio
7 Please let me back into your house – Ship Canal
8 Mist While Sleeping – Cosey Fanni Tutti/Philippe Petite
9 Black Sun- Demdike Stare
10 Karen (Remix) – Chew Lips (Young Hunting Remix)
11 Pulsewidth – Aphex Twin
12 Haz Chem (beta3) – CCCL
13 Aerophilia – Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
14 Jodrell Bank – Nocturnal Emissions
15 the village at reat (insomniac remix) – uncertain (DIL23 Remix)
16 North I – PTV3
17 London-Edinburgh – Norman McCaig
18 Chant Premier – Vagina Dentata Organ

21 May , 2013

Chris & Cosey – Walking thru Heaven

Slightly delayed post due to hideous tech problems but here goes….

Well I had a fab’n’groovy time down in London for Carter Tutti play Chris & Cosey, Live in Heaven, not only a great gig but catching up with loads of people from Twitterland and meeting some I’d never met before too!

Err… Excepter couldn’t make it due to unforseen problems and was replaced by Powell, who I missed but apparently it was a DJ set only. Next up was Mika Vainio (ex Pan Sonic) who did a full body internal organ massage (but then again I was standing next to the bass bin!) Short clip below…

… but of course I was there to see Chris & Cosey who played an excellent set as usual, altho still a rare thing! Short video of Workout below, I believe the whole performance was being filmed so look out for a more professional release in the (near?) future. BTW turn the volume up on both these videos, I was a dumb-ass and forgot my microphone! 8(

Mika Vainio

Charlie & Chris

Charlie & Chris – checking SOUNDZ

More musicians than you could shake a stick at!

(Left-to-right – Uschi No Michi, Laica, Fabrice, P6, Joe Ahmed)

…and part of the fun too was catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones thru the wonderful medium of twitter, catching up with P6 & Joe from Security , Fabrice all the way from sunny Belgium , Stuart & Andy from the Psychogeographical Commision , Terry ‘Millemetre’ McGaughey who was on the merch stand, Charles ‘Charlie Chicken’ Poulet who was the sound man for the night, and especially meeting new friends, Uschi-No-Michi & Rich, GrahamCybernoise‘ Needham and last but most certainly not least the wonderful Laica Thank you all for a wonderful day!

Some useful links:

Chris & Cosey/ Carter Tutti (with links to new single ‘Coolicon‘ vinyl & DL): http://www.cartertutti.com/

Laica bandcamp: http://laica.bandcamp.com/

Uschi-No-Michi (new 7″ single & DL) ‘Ameratsu‘ : http://phaticmusk.bandcamp.com/album/ameratsu

Millimetere (new cassette release) ‘Sex Dreams of the I Ching‘ : http://www.tapeworm.org.uk/ttw52.html

The Psychogeographical Commission bandcamp: http://psychcomm.bandcamp.com/

Security (new cassette release) ‘Security-1‘ : http://security.bandcamp.com/album/security-1

Fabrice (AKM) Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/arschkrankemusik

Charles Poulet Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/charles-p

… and anyone else I’ve forgotten! O_o

23 March , 2013

Carter Tutti – Harmonic Coaction 6

Carter Tutti performed Harmonic Coaction 6 the latest in the series of their site specific performances including field recordings and footage pertaining to the location of the performance. This gig was part of the University of Salford‘s Sonic Fusion 2013 festival.


The evening started with a screening of Mark Leckey‘s – Fiorucci made me Hardcore which I hadn’t realised is actually part of the University of Salford’s collection, full video below.

Holly Herndon fresh from San Fransisco, USA was the support act, I highly recommend you check her out live or indeed on vinyl, digital – whatever! Short clip from the show below.

And finally Carter Tutti performed Harmonic Coaction 6 – the UK premier for their Harmonic Coaction series of performances, a unique set inspired by the Salford location but with heavily manipulated audio and visual (projected onto a massive screen behind them). Two short clips below.

excerpt #1

14 November , 2012

Bug Trap EP

My first ever solo release is exclusively released on the wonderful pathmusick netlabel.

It’s a two track single called Bug Trap and includes excellent remixes by Laica & apkallu of enmerkar

and is backed with an older track Sparkle too! All downloadable – and absolutely free – there’s even a pdf cover for it!

Get it here!

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